What is Integral Yoga?

Yoga means union with the Omnipresent. This association is accomplished by surrendering your being.
The first stage of Integral Yoga is aspiration. This aspiration can become like a fire in the human who is searching for the True Self.
The second stage is to live from this aspiration. Being in the middle of life: having a job, a family, a company, you name it. It must be done there. Integral Yoga does not require being withdrawn from life, on the contrary, being in the middle of it.
The third stage is the big secret. This Yoga talks about the Supramental transformation.

The Integral Yoga aims to achieve
of the Self and from there live on earth.

Sri Aurobindo

Our humanity is the conscious meeting point of the finite and the Infinite, and it is our privilege to grow ever closer to the Infinite, precisely in this physical birth. Our senses have invented darkness in their inability. In reality there is nothing but Light.


When one sits down with eyes closed to become still, one is initially overwhelmed by a flood of thoughts. They come from everywhere like crazy aggressive impulses. There is only one way to stop that deafening noise, and that is trying and trying again, patiently and stubbornly. When you begin with this, the work is taken over by a Grace from above, by what one is striving for, or by invading the infinities of the Spirit.


So we are looking for another country, but we must add that there is no man’s land between the world that we are leaving and the other, which is not yet there, which is rather unpleasant. It is a probationary period that may last longer or shorter depending on our determination. The main test of this transition period is the inner emptiness. After first living in mental feverishness, we find ourselves as a kind of convalescent, floating around a bit, with a strange echo in the head as if the world is horribly busy and tiring and an increased sensitivity, giving the impression that people are everywhere to punch, to bulky, aggressive, blunt things. The world seems incredibly absurd.
That is a clear sign of internalization.


And gradually the void fills itself. When the mental peace is more or less a fact, a first phenomenon is observed, which will have invaluable consequences for the further course of our Yoga. One feels around the head, and more particularly in the neck, a kind of unusual pressure that can give the feeling of a real headache. In the beginning, people can hardly tolerate it for a long time and shake it off, look for distraction “think of something else.” Gradually the pressure takes on a clearer form and one feels a real flow descending. A power current that cannot be compared with the unpleasantness of an electric current, but rather with a liquid mass. It is then noticed that this ‘pressure’ or that real headache was simply caused by our resistance to the descent of that Force, and that all one has to do is not to prevent the passage, but to let it descend in all layers of our being. Instead of drawing on the general source, below us and around us, on universal life, we draw on what is above. And that is an energy that is much clearer.

Lesson content

Integral yoga is a complete yoga, in which all elements of the traditional yoga forms can be found:

Hatha Yoga
Breathing exercises
Relaxation exercises

Hatha yoga means taking body postures. All attention is focused on this while maintaining the posture. People become aware of the body parts that are involved in the posture. The result is a healthy functioning body. After the exercise a rest position follows to observe the working of the exercise.

In yoga, breathing is called pranayama.
Prana is that which gives oxygen life.
Pranayama are exercises for improving, expanding and controlling breathing. Natural breathing must be found.

During the relaxation exercises one becomes aware of tension in different parts of the being.
Becoming aware and observing this is a first step towards deepening relaxation.

Concentration and meditation.

Stopping the mind is the condition for being able to concentrate.
During meditation one comes into contact with the mental silence, a fundamental experience in integral yoga. One becomes aware of a pressure in the head, which in integral yoga is described as: “the power from above”. One comes into contact with the consciousness, which is also a force. The awareness of the inner consciousness, the invisible force that produces tangible results both outside and inside, is precisely the whole meaning of the Yogic consciousness.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga follows a set pattern. Vinyasas (smooth movements) link together asanas (static positions).
Over time, your practice becomes a meditation in motion.


Mindfulness is living with full attention. Living in the here and now. Being completely awake and observing without prejudice.
Jon Kabat-Zinn
distinguish 3 elements in mindfulness:

1. Focused attention (conscious)
2. In the current moment
3. Without judging (open, friendly)

Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo & Mother is a combination of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and meditation to ensure that you get to know your inner self. You work with your attention focused on your crown.

“the power from above”.

Yoga Nidra

Nidra means “Yogic Sleep”. It is a consciousness sleep. There is consciousness without thoughts. It is not a meditation. Rather the opposite. You withdraw your senses and the mind is not concentrated, but rather brought to sleep. You are aware of the fact that you practice Yoga Nidra.

Hatha Yoga

Most modern forms of yoga are branches of Hatha Yoga. It can be described as a system for self-transformation. Balancing body, mind and energy to reduce suffering and increase happiness.

Zuna - Tantra Yoga

Tantra = Accelerate, Weave.
Zuna Yoga is a system after the oldest known living tradition of Eastern philosophy and science. It follows the Tantra tradition of Sri Vidya. Tantra Yoga has its roots in Hatha Yoga. It is the science of being.


Pilates is a workout where it is primarily about the perfect control of the movement.
This exercise method promotes control, flexibility, coordination and tone of the muscles without increasing the size.

This is a form of movement based on the subject matter and theory of Joseph Pilates.

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