What is Pilates?

Ground control Pilates is a workout that is primarily about the perfect execution of the movement.
This way of practising enhances control, flexibility, coordination, and tone of muscles without increase is size.

This is a form of movement that is based on the teaching and theory of Joseph Pilates. 

The physical efforts are done with consciouness aimed towards the inner being. If you would not do this you will notice that you will not succeed in mastering certain excersizes.

The purpose of Pilates

The exercizes are aimed towards anatomical recovery and a correct physical posture. When you make movements rapidly or uncontrolled you will elevate the risk of injury.
The breath plays a big part in this. You will have to learn how to breath properly with your flanks.
With these excersizes you will mostly train your deeper muscles, also called the ‘core stability’ training. 

Many excersizes take place from a neutral stand point of the spinal cord.
Pilates is a workout where resistance is brought in at moving.

“After 10 lessons you will feel the difference,
after 20 you will start seeing it,
after 30 you will be a different person”

J. Pilates

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“With heartfelt compliments for the knowledge and expertise of the very sympathetic Alexandra Post !! Was a wonderful yoga weekend in a perfect location!” Marijke V.

Participant Puur en Kuur Retreat

“Ik ben erg enthousiast hoe zorgvuldig alles was geregeld en het hotel was prachtig. We hebben genoten en ja, ik ga zeer zeker nog vaker bij PuurenKuur een arrangement doen. “ L. Pijma

Participant Puur en Kuur Retreat

“Nice teacher, skilled. Super hotel with perfect location, around the corner from the beach and the shopping street. Nice rooms, wellness outdated but we understand that is being renovated. Dinner in restaurant was very mediocre. Breakfast was nice.” L. B.

Participant Puur en Kuur Retreat

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