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In case of a last minute cancellation due to a CORONA-19 lockdown we will refund the whole amount minus € 50,- administration fee.

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Retreats 2021

Spring Energy Boost 

Winter has passed and the springtime has come.
“Recharge yourself”

In the spring, not only nature wakes up, but also aspects of ourselves that were ‘dormant’ in the winter. We too are starting a cycle of renewal and growth. Take some time to look within and see what you can let go of and plant the seeds for the comming year.

With yoga and meditation we can develop a new sense of vitality. The practice of yoga & meditation is cleansing for body and mind. 

Be inspired by the peace, quiet, beauty of nature, deligious vegetarian meals and pamper yourself with this 5-day yoga and meditation retreat.

Canceled due to lockdown

18 – 22 March  2021

5  days/ 4 nights

From € 520,-

Heart Midweek, I am my essence  ♥

Yoga & workshop

During this long weekend we will use the Self-Enquiry (atma vichara) method of Ramana Maharshi. We will ask ourself ” Who am I “. Self-Enquiry is the awareness of Awareness itself. It leads us beyond duality because the object of meditation (the “I”) is ultimately revealed as the Subject itself.  The focus is on living from your heart. Today we are often more in the head than in the heart. We are going to open the heart with special yoga exercises to remove blockages. We will do a 4 day workshop ” I am my Essence” to discover your potential and who you really are. We will hike along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Scientists have shown that living close to the sea and the water has countless health benefits. 


3 – 7 may 2021

5 days/4  nights

From € 545,-

Yoga Holiday

” Relax & Enjoy”

This holiday is not a  full retreat but more a holiday where you get a refreshing yoga class every morning followed by a beautiful meditation. After the morning practice you will be served a delicious healthy breakfast. The rest of the day you are free to spend how you wish. You can relax at our beautiful swimming pool, enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature, borrow a bike, go hiking, view the surroundings, go to the beach ……….

1 -6  juli 2021

6 days/5 nights

From € 395,

Our Retraites

Retreats in 2019

Yoga Retreat

Unlock your Energy

50 hour Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Immerse yourself in Authentic Ayurveda with Susan Pulley from Atma Ayrveda, Amsterdam and follow the Authentic Yoga classes from Flim Reydon from Center Open Field.

Relax and unwind, enjoy the ideal location in the middle of nature. Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body.

For more information about this retreat, look at:

21 september – 27 september 2019
With Susan Pulley & Flim Reydon

Yoga Retreat

Do you want to get away from the daily bustle, reflect on yourself? Learn to relax, meditate, reflect on what is really important? Or do you need Sun, Sea, Nature, Yoga and Healthy food?

Be inspired by the peace, quiet, beauty of nature and pamper yourself with this 7-day full-board yoga and meditation retreat.

28 September – 4 Oktober 2019

With Alexandra

Yoga Retreat

5 Day Fall Refreshing Yoga & Meditatie Retreat

Autumn is the season of the wind (Vata), the element of air dominates, and you may feel chaotic as a result. So it’s time to settle, relax and refuel.

Treat yourself to a short yoga retreat, where the focus is on grounds, relaxing & refreshing. Yoga where the pace is low and postures are held longer. In this way you learn to relax and breathe more deeply, this will make your joints, muscles and connective tissue supple and your mind will relax.

18 oktober – 22 oktober 2019
With Alexandra
From € 495,-

Late Summer Yoga retreat

Treat yourself a short yoga retreat holiday, where the focus is on relaxing & refreshing. In the morning a wonderful invigorating yoga class followed by a relaxed meditation. Enjoy your days basking in the beauty of nature, feel nourished by delicious vegetarian meals, spend afternoons relaxing in the sun by the salt water pool, read a book curled up in the hammock, cycle or take a walk. In the evening another yoga/meditation class where the pace is slow to end the wonderful day. 

18 september – 22 september 2020

5 days/4 nights  

From: € 520,-

What do others say?

Read the experiences of others

“I’m not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.”
(Winnie the Pooh)
and precisely that is so beautiful on the long journey from head to heart that you have facilitated so beautifully. From soil to mouth to crown. What nice conversations, valuable attention, valuable silences, mind & body stretched and now further on your way with you and this place in the heart.

See you again, big hug and love, Jackie

Jackie Participant Casa Vinyasses Retreat 2019

“What a wonderful week (week! It seemed like weeks) so relaxed, in a nice quiet area surrounded with love and delicious food and care. Thank you for sharing your wonderful place!

Willem and also from Jan 🙂 ”

Willem Participant Casa Vinyasses yoga retreat October 2019

Where the step from Domburg leads to:) ⇒ to your fantastic place!

Thank you very much for your wonderful week! I feel rich, relaxed and filled.
Your loving attention to the inner being is enormous. Every meal was a gift! The yoga classes were so nice and varied.
You are such a skilled, professional teacher Alexandra (even more than I already knew about you!), Really enjoyed it.  (and sometimes coriaceous:))

Your place is a paradise made and cared for with so much attention. How nice that you want to share your place with other people. Soaking up the sun, energy and love.
I am sure that many people will appreciate your concept. See you next year!”

Big Hug Joke

Joke Participant Casa Vinyasses yoga retreat October 2019


“Thank you for your loving attention. The yoga classes are soft in construction, in-depth and healing. Alexandra you really are a top yoga teacher with a lot of knowledge. Olive trees, Spanish sun, swimming pool. A true paradise. Last but not least: the food. Yum, yum what a party every time, my taste buds are heavily spoiled. ”

Love Brigitta

Brigitta Participant Casa Vinyasses yoga retreat October 2019

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