My story

Born in Sweden in a suburb of Gothenburg. On my fifth we moved to the Netherlands. After high school I followed a course for Hostess at the Euro College in Schiedam. After this I went to Spain to live and work. After one year, earlier than I expected myself, I decided to go back to the Netherlands.

I worked for several years as a Hostess at a British Shipping company, as a customer service for a large Parcel Express company, and as an intermediary at a petrochemical employment agency.

After I became a mother, I changed my career. In 2001 I started my training to become an aerobic teacher. This was followed by many training courses, including Pilates Ground Control training from Debbie Jenner, CIOS sport and exercise, fitness, massage, mindfulness and Yoga.

My first yoga teacher training was in the Netherlands, followed by India and Bali. Once you become more immersed in yoga, you want to know more and more about this old tradition and thus I have followed many different courses and workshops, for example at Manju Jois, David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, Danny Paradise Alberto Paganini, Daniel Strausser, Hans Kloosterman, Everett Newel, Janet Stone, etc. I continue to develop and deepen my knowledge by following new courses and workshops.

I am an international registered yoga teacher, YOGA ALLIANCE International License (Europe-USA-Canada) certificate 200 hrs, 500 hrs and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Please read my Curriculum Vitae for more information about my study programs.


After my brief adventure in Spain, I returned to the Netherlands in 1986. Since then I always had the idea that I would return to Spain to settle. My husband, Nikolay, also liked that idea and that’s how we often were fantasizing about this. We wanted to create our own little yoga retreat place. Were people could come to relax, enjoy good food, do yoga, go for a hike or kite surfing. 

Nikolay works as an Offshore Construction Manager worldwide and is therefore not attached to one location. After many years working at a gym and a physiotherapist center I had opened my own yoga and Pilates studio. In 2014 our son started his study at the university and left home.

We decided that if we want to start living our dream, we had to do it now. So we sold our house. I closed the studio and we emigrated in 2014. First to Abu Dhabi, where I also taught yoga, then Mallorca and now the mainland of Spain. We wanted to live “off the grid”, be self-sufficient. Well we have bought a beautiful location, with a well and solar panels, in the rural areas of L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, Spain.

CASA VINYASSES, “Live your dream and enjoy the little things in life”

This is our home, located on a 2.5 hectare Eco Friendly olive grove with olive trees, carob trees, wild rosemary almond trees, thyme, sage and wild green asparagus. Here we make our own organic extra virgin olive oil, pick the fruits for jam and chutneys and the carob beans are collected and brought to the agricultural cooperative where they are processed.

Ecological footprint
We have consciously chosen to live in a more sustainable and simpler way and to have less impact on the climate and our environment. We are not connected to an energy network but energy is generated by means of solar panels, spring water comes from an underground river and rain water is collected. All the water is purified by means of special filters. Ecologically degradable cleaning agents such as: shampoo, conditioner, washing-up liquid etc are present in the cottages for use by our guests. We therefore ask you to take this way of life into account and to help us to reduce the footprint.

There are 3 different small houses “casitas” and a Yurt for our guests that we would like to welcome during a yoga retreat or yoga holiday. It is a beautiful place with a view of the Mediterranean sea and the mountains around you. It is our dream place where we want to inspire, help, motivate and teach people to be quiet and connect with their True Self and the beauty of Nature. By just being, enjoying the silence, the birds, the sound of the tawny owl and wild boar at night, the smells of the plants. 
Just “breath and relax”.

Here we enjoy the small things, we live off the grid, with our 2 beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Bibi & Coco.

We hope to welcome you here soon.

Hasta Pronto!!!

Curriculum Vitae

I have followed many trainings and courses in Yoga and Pilates, please read my CV for more information.


Hatha yoga means taking body postures. All attention is focused on this while maintaining the posture.

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“With heartfelt compliments for the knowledge and expertise of the very sympathetic Alexandra Post !! Was a wonderful yoga weekend in a perfect location!” Marijke V.

Participant Puur en Kuur Retreat

“I am very enthusiastic how carefully everything was arranged and the hotel was beautiful. We enjoyed it and yes, I will certainly do an arrangement at PuurenKuur more often.” L. Pijma

Participant Puur en Kuur Retreat

“Nice teacher, skilled. Super hotel with perfect location, around the corner from the beach and the shopping street. Nice rooms, wellness outdated but we understand that is being renovated. Dinner in restaurant was very mediocre. Breakfast was nice.” L. B.

Participant Puur en Kuur Retreat

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